How a Manufacturer Builds AR/VR Training Simulations Faster With Helix Core

One team at a global manufacturer builds AR/VR training simulations to support dealers and customers, with a focus on autonomous vehicles. But, they struggled with their workflows for managing assets. Until they started using Perforce Helix Core.

Helix Core Helped This Customer…

Reduce Delivery Times by 50–60%

Simplify Workflows


Communicate and Collaborate

“Everyone loves Helix Core.

Using it significantly simplified our workflows and reduced delivery times by at least 50 – 60%.”

A Workflow That Didn’t Work

A Technical Director and team of 10 artists create assets for augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) simulations for training, at a rate of over 1 million in a year. This team often needs to send files back and forth with the development team.

AR/VR simulations are part of a training library of content used to support dealers and customers. For example, these simulations support products including autonomous vehicles.

But they had some problems. Sharing files via email wasn’t working. Everything was disconnected and difficult to manage. It took a lot of storage space to manage their millions of files. There was a lot of duplication of files across the team’s workstations. And the team was struggling to communicate and collaborate. It was hard to tell what files contributors were working on.

They needed a better solution to manage, version, and collaborate on their assets. They found it with Helix Core

Helix Core Made It Easy to Communicate and Collaborate

Helix Core is the Perforce version control solution. It can handle millions of files, including digital assets and code. Helix Core also creates a single source of truth, making it easier to communicate and collaborate on projects.

Using Helix Core simplified the customer’s workflows. They spend less time managing workflows. And they no longer need to rely on email for collaboration. Helix Core takes care of it for them. 

Every file version and history is maintained in the repository. The Technical Director doesn’t need to worry about what will happen if a file gets corrupted or someone accidentally overwrites a file. Helix Core tracks all previous revisions, forever. 

Plus, using Helix Core helped with archiving and file size reductions. Those millions of files no longer take up so much storage space.

The Results? Automation, Speed, Simplicity

This customer chose Helix Core and achieved incredible results in the first six months.


Helix Core integrates with the customer’s in-house tools, graphics tools (3ds Max and Maya), and game engines (Unity). This added automation to their workflows, and made it easier for artists to keep moving.

By using Helix Core, they can pull files automatically from other tools. They can work right inside Maya, 3ds Max, or Unity, too. This gives the Technical Director’s team a big productivity gain. 


Collaborating on files and transferring them back-and-forth is fast. It only takes a couple clicks of a button. Before, it would take a meeting and manual process to transfer files. And it would take a really long time to pull some of those files for Unity. 

By using Helix Core, they reduced delivery times by at least 50–60%. 


Using Helix Core is much easier for everyone on the team. Helix Core manages everything for them, so they can focus on creating incredible AR/VR training simulations. 

By using Helix Core, the team can even work remotely without missing a beat. Artists can download and work locally on their machine — and still maintain a source of truth in Helix Core.

 “We would never want to go back to the old way.”
— Technical Director

What Made Helix Core Even Better…

Support, training, and product updates made this customer’s experience with Helix Core even better.

The Technical Director received support throughout the implementation process, which helped them get up to speed faster. They also attended admin and user training sessions. Today, even though they are not IT-inclined, they can handle the admin work on Helix Core. That’s because Helix Core is easier to use than other version control solutions, which eases the burden of administration. 

The Technical Director also passed what they learned on to the team, helping the artists get to work even faster. The entire team appreciates the product updates in Helix Core, too. When the P4V dark theme came out in 2019.2, the entire team was excited to upgrade. 

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