Trunk-based Development in the Enterprise, its Relevance and Economics

Paul Hammant of ThoughtWorks runs through the history of the 'Trunk-based Development' branching model, its modern usage in big enterprises, and how management and technical stakeholders can benefit from it, and Perforce in particular, in their enterprise. Takeaways include prerequisites, pitfalls, economics, scaling, and related practices.

Paul Hammant - ThoughtWorks

Paul Hammant is a Principal Consultant at ThoughtWorks. He has been implementing (and witnessing) Trunk Based Development for 14 years in corporate America and the U.K. He blogs frequently on the topic, and has helped push the science a little with 'Branch by Abstraction' in 2007. He's generally obsessed with 'source control' and even likes to use it in production solutions for live/hot configuration (toggles).