The Correlation Between DevOps and Version Control surveyed more than 450 people who work in DevOps. Respondents ranged from engineers and QA analysts to software architects and CTOs. The goal of the survey was to learn what role version control plays in scaling DevOps for enterprise organizations. 

Throughout the survey, one theme was clear. The right version control system is essential for achieving enterprise DevOps.

Learn From Your DevOps Community

Almost half of the people surveyed plan to replace their version control software. Some of the challenges teams have with their current VCS include:

  • Managing projects, repos, and permissions (46%)
  • Scalability issues (18%)
  • Doesn’t support DevOps (14%)
  • Too slow (9%)

There’s little resistance to the idea that DevOps is beneficial for organizations. But achieving DevOps is an ongoing challenge for many organizations. 

Learn about the top trends and challenges organizations face with DevOps and version control. And learn how the right version control tool can help solve those challenges. 

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