Helix Scales Like None Other

Blazing fast workflows for the entire enterprise. DVCS and centralized operation. Federated architecture for global replication. Cluster for workload distribution and high availability. Helix is optimized for 1000's of users and massive automation.

What Makes Helix Go?

And go and go and go!

Optimized local &
server performance

Federated architecture
for LAN speeds at
remote sites

Clustering can support
any load, adding capacity
incrementally as needed

High-availability topology
brings zero-downtime
ideal closer to reality

Key Features

Why Helix is so damn fast



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Fast &
Ready for

Fast & Productive

Helix offers field-tested performance, made possible by careful optimization:

  • Consistent throughput for any file type or size
  • High performance in DVCS or centralized workflow
  • Lockless reads, parallel sync, and other tuning to maximize throughput

Ready for Automation

Helix is optimized for high-volume automated environments:

  • Throughput up to tens of millions of transactions per day
  • Robust and resilient to ensure minimal down time
  • Commands optimized for concurrency for less waiting

Multisite Environments

Globally distributed environments can stay productive with federated deployments of Helix.

  • Distributes workload to local server replicas
  • Eliminates round-trips to a central server
  • Replication works behind the scenes to keep everything in sync
  • All users experience a fast, reliable, local connection, no matter where they are

Scalable Clusters

Helix server clustering enables any number of nodes behind a router.

  • Distributes workload across nodes
  • Add capacity incrementally for dial-a-load scalability as needed
  • Completely transparent to end users, who connect as if the cluster were a single server

High Availability

Helix also supports deployment in a high-availability (HA) topology.

  • Best possible scalability and uptime
  • Requires one additional node as a backup master server
  • Automated failover to the backup in case the primary goes down
  • No more downtime during routine maintenance
  • Completely transparent to end users, who connect as if the cluster were a single server