What Is an Artifact Repository?

Artifacts are large binary packages that are created throughout the development and release process. An artifact repository is a software application designed to manage these artifacts. Using an artifact repository provides consistency to your Continuous Integration/Continuous Development (CI/CD) workflow. It saves teams time and increases build performance.

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Why You Need an Artifact Repository

Artifact repositories have become essential for rapid releases. Being able to manage binary artifacts allows your team to more easily identify and incorporate the correct versions of artifacts into their work. Without it, you can easily lose the gains provided by your DevOps investment.

Image Solution Repository Management Why You Need Repository Management

Solve Key Challenges

Empower your teams and streamline development with Helix Core for artifact management.

Store artifacts alongside source code


Enable cross-departmental collaboration

Give remote teams fast access to large files

Speed up build cycles and get feedback faster

Satisfy security, audit, and compliance requirements

Using Helix Core as an Artifact Repository Management Tool

Helix Core is a high-performance, scalable version control tool that also supports artifact management. Helix Core can manage source code, non-code assets, and binary artifacts within a single repository.

You can combine code and artifacts managed in Helix Core to implement a high-performance build environment that integrates with your preferred build runner.  Learn more about using Helix Core as an artifact repository manager. 

IO Interactive

Storing Artifacts Alongside Source Code

Like many AAA game dev studios, IO Interactive stores binary files and source code together in Helix Core. Keeping their binaries in the same repo as the source code made the workflows easier and less expensive.

Before they used Helix Core as an artifact repository, IO Interactive used a digital asset manager (or DAM). When it was time for releases, it was difficult to match the correct versions of source code from the VCS with the correct version of the artifacts. Now, with Helix Core, artifacts are submitted in the same changelist as the corresponding source code, so it’s easier to know what belongs together.

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Revolutionize Artifact Management

Helix Core delivers high-performance, enterprise-grade version control + artifact management. Instead of managing source code and artifacts in separate systems, get the benefits of VCS and repository management in a single solution.

Secure Artifact Management

With Helix Core, admins can control access as granularly as needed — down to the repository, branch, directory, or even individual artifact. You can even control access by specific IP addresses or ranges. This, combined with AD/LDAP integration and multi-factor authentication (MFA), means that your artifacts are always protected.


Integrate Artifacts

Helix Core integrates with your existing toolchain. It has robust API coverage and a flexible integration framework to work with the leading CI/CD tools — including Gradle, Jenkins, Electric Cloud, TeamCity, and Xebia Labs.

Streamline DevOps and Compliance

Storing artifacts alongside source code speeds up delivery. It’s easy to link an artifact back to the originating code. Artifacts can be labeled and incorporated into client views (or workspaces) together with source code. Then, use your build runner to automatically pull them into the pipeline. This results in easier scripting, tracking across versions, and simpler audits.

Build Better and Faster with Artifact Management

Storing your artifacts, binaries, graphics, movies, audio files, and source code in Helix Core allows DevOps teams to efficiently manage their DevOps pipelines. This combination easily pulls everything you need together for a build. Plus, get ready for builds that are 80% faster than open source Git solutions.

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