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Get Your Teams Together

Writing and delivering software aren’t solitary activities. Successful development teams share information and code, so they know exactly what everyone is doing at all times. People need to work closely together to create and deliver compelling and high-quality software. Yet teams today are often geographically dispersed.

Fewer Tools and Greater Automation

Shared tools and automation reduce the complexity of managing global teams to fuse together the work of many to produce a single comprehensive product. Without face-to-face interaction, teams rely on software to clearly and seamlessly create communication channels between team members and other stakeholders.

Code Collaboration Just Got Easier

Because writing and delivering software is difficult enough.

Code Repos

Developers need to be acutely aware of what files they are working on, who has modified them and when, and what kind of changes were made. Repositories like Git or SVN provide a shared space for storing, modifying, and versioning code and other files.

But repositories can only do so much with limited features for management and collaboration. Helix TeamHub brings all your repos together in a single, shared place to address larger team needs for collaboration and cooperation. By leveraging the legendary Helix Versioning Engine, TeamHub Enterprise enables scalable syncs and builds across multiple Git repos. This increases developer productivity with faster initial checkouts and updates, even across geographically diverse teams.

Helix TeamHub Enterprise is an alternative to a Git LFS server.

Code Reviews

Code reviews are the biggest area where teams collaborate to improve their product. Being able to easily share each others’ code, examine that code, and compare it against team coding standards is a core collaborative activity for development teams. Helix TeamHub incorporates features for Kanban type issue tracking and a Git-powered Wiki for documentation and file sharing. Team members work together intensively to improve code quality and find and fix bugs before the product is even built. 

Helix TeamHub allows you to turbocharge your development efforts with the ability to easily communicate instructions, ideas, and solutions to other team members.

Online code collaboration platforms like Helix TeamHub facilitate collaborative and intuitive code reviews


But code reviews are only the beginning.

In a DevOps environment, team members work closely together to share code, integrate open source and other libraries into the product, and discuss ways of coding, building, integrating, and deploying.

Helix TeamHub keeps your team in the zone with more than 75 integrations to other popular collaborative tools including messaging solutions like Slack or Hipchat, task boards like Trello, story and issue tracking like Jira, and many more. Helix TeamHub Enterprise goes a step further, helping teams achieve 40-80% faster builds.

Code collaboration platforms like Helix TeamHub foster DevOps

Helix TeamHub simplifies the management of multiple repositories and version control systems to streamline developer productivity and collaboration.

Helix Swarm offers enterprise software code review and collaboration in Helix Core, the industry’s most scalable, securable version control platform.

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