Why Code Collaboration Is Important

You don’t write code or develop products on your own. You do it with a team in a collaborative effort. That means sharing code and information, so everyone stays in the loop.

Code Collaboration Is Easier With the Right Tools

The right tools will help your team work closely together to create high-quality products. They can communicate and collaborate in real-time. Even if team members are working in locations around the globe.

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Code Collaboration Tools From Perforce

Bring your team together with the right code collaboration tools. Perforce offers one of the best — Helix TeamHub.

Helix TeamHub is a developer collaboration tool for code repositories (including Git, SVN, Mercurial). Cross-functional teams use Helix TeamHub to collaborate better, even when multiple repositories are involved.

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3 Ways to Ensure Collaborative Development

Developing and delivering software is difficult enough. Make it easier by creating a more collaborative development environment.

Here are 3 ways to help your team collaborate on code faster.

1. Bring Repositories Together

Everyone needs to know what files they’re working on, who has modified them (and when), and what type of changes were made. Projects often have multiple repositories (Git, SVN, or Mercurial) — and that makes it more difficult to maintain visibility.

You need a way to bring these repositories together in one spot, so your team can collaborate better. Helix TeamHub provides this single source of truth. It brings together multiple repositories.

This makes it easy to ensure changes to code in multiple repositories are reviewed prior to merging. And you can group commits together and gate your merges by requiring approvals or builds to pass. This helps you manage and trace dependencies across the codebase.

With Helix TeamHub, your developers will be able to stay in sync and work together more efficiently. They’ll get faster initial checkouts and updates, no matter where they’re located.

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2. Automate Code Reviews

Successful code reviews are collaborative. But it isn’t always easy to share code and make comments. Plus, there can be delays in the process.

You need to make it easier to share code and collaborate throughout the code review process. Helix TeamHub makes it easy for teams to work together on code reviews.

Your team will be able to:

  • Comment on code changes line by line.
  • Highlight specific issues to team members with @mentions.
  • Start a threaded conversation.
  • Mark a comment as a task that the author has to address before the changes can be merged.

3. Integrate Your Tools

So many tools are used in development today. And the more they’re integrated, the easier it is for your team to collaborate and stay on task.

Your team needs to share code, integrate open source and other libraries into the product, and discuss ways of coding, building, integrating, and deploying. Helix TeamHub keeps your team in the zone with over 75 integrations to other popular collaborative tools.

Make the best use of your team’s time by implementing Continuous Integration (CI) with your favorite build and test tools. Then, once the review is in progress, make sure everyone can see and address the issues that arise.

These integrations include:

  • Story and issue tracking like Jira.
  • Build runners like Jenkins and TeamCity.
  • Messaging solutions like Slack.
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Get Started With Developer Code Collaboration Tools

See for yourself why Helix TeamHub is one of the best developer collaboration tools. You can get started for free for up to 5 users.

Collaboration Is Just the Beginning…

There’s so much more that Helix TeamHub can do.

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