Helix Meets the Needs of Enterprise-Level Product Development

Go big or go home.

Massive Repos

The industry standard for speed at scale. Store millions of files and petabytes of data. Helix knows no limits.

Global Teams

Optimized so you can scale teams globally, but work locally thanks to federated architecture, DVCS, and Helix4Git. 

Fast and Productive

Helix offers field-tested performance with consistent throughput for any file type or size in any situation.

Thousands of Users

Optimized commands, lockless reads, and exclusive file locking to enhance productivity for thousands of concurrent users.

Continuous Integration

Run as many concurrent builds as you need to seamlessly manage your Continuous Delivery pipeline at scale. 

Lightning-Fast Commits

Go about the daily grind, even if your largest commits are bigger than the recommended size for entire repos in other tools. 

NVIDIA Has Over 8,000 Users...

...and they perform 88.5 million transactions/day.

To put that in perspective, that's:

  • 3,867,500 transactions/hour
  • 61,458 transactions/minute
  • 1024 transactions/second

The Most Scalable Version Control System Available

That's what our customers say.


Best Practices for Version Management

Get your guide to assessing and deploying quality, productive, and robust software version management

Helix Handles Millions of Transactions

Every. Single. Day.

Blazing fast workflows for the entire enterprise with Git-like capabilities for DVCS users, centralized operations — which include support for federated architecture — or any mix of the two. Helix VCS is optimized for thousands of users and powers your DevOps pipeline from A to Z.

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