Perforce Helix Core Optimized Network

Performance & Scale When You Need It

Perforce Helix Core Solves High Latency Challenges

Make simple tasks easy and complex tasks possible. With Perforce Helix Core federated architecture, you can start small with just one server and scale to meet increasing demands. Our global architecture allows your teams collaborate and manage versions at LAN speeds.

Perforce Helix Core Solves High Latency Challenges

How to Optimize Your Network

Deploy what you need where you need it to reduce high latency and WAN wait times, all while protecting valuable IP.

High Latency Network

Companies that need to transfer large amounts of data and enormous assets know that it can delay teams. To remove high latency bottlenecks, you need to expand your infrastructure.

Helix Core — the game and media standard for version control — allows you to optimize your network and deploy servers where you need them. It can expand to handle everything:

  • 10s of thousands of developers and creatives.
  • 10s of millions of daily transactions.
  • 100s of terabytes of data (code, binaries, and more).
  • 10,000+ concurrent commits.

Secure & Scale Your Toolstack

Our customers trust us to help eliminate down time. It’s just one of the reasons why 19 of the top 20 game dev studios and 9 of the top 10 semiconductor companies choose us. Scalability is about more than just big files. Helix Core is able to manage big teams and complex products. It provides iron-clad security down to the individual file or IP address.

Having all your assets synced with a central version control server protects your valuable IP. Helix Authentication Service (HAS) enables you to integrate Helix Core clients, plugins, and even the command-line with your organization's Identity Provider (IdP). You can authenticate using Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AAD), Okta, Google Identity, and more.

Federated Services Optimized Network

When it comes to performance latency, you’ve got options. Distributed architectures give you get faster feedback and files, while maintaining a single source of truth.


If you want the best overall performance, use commit-edge servers for local-like speeds. An edge server can be set up for a team, then synced back to a commit server. An edge server can even be used for automated process, like builds, freeing up your master server for more important tasks.


Forwarding Replica

Replicas allow you to customize the commands that go to a server. You can forward to a specific site, reducing the metadata replication on the master server.

Forwarding Replica

Helix Proxy

Helix Proxy servers are easy to install, configure, and maintain. They improve your performance by caching frequently transmitted file revisions. By reducing the demand on your network, you can deliver files around the globe fast.

Helix Proxy

Helix Broker

Not every command needs to be synced right away. With Helix Broker, you can redirect commands to either replica servers or the master. Redirecting traffic improves performance latency.

Helix Broker

Eliminate High Latency with Helix Core

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