Version Control for Augmented Reality Needs

Store Binary Files

Helix Core supports all file sizes and types – including binary files. It’s a native feature, and it scales.


Integrate With Design Tools

Helix Core integrates with the tools that designers use – like Maya, 3ds Max, Unreal Engine, and many more.

Support for Distributed Teams

Every dev center, design center, or studio – regardless of location – has lightning-fast access to current files.

Transfer Binary Files in Minutes, Not Hours

Helix Core lets teams work faster. It seamlessly handles large binary files from a single repository while you create a new reality.

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Speed Up Development – Even for Remote Teams

Ubisoft has been using Helix Core for version control since 2001. It’s used by programmers and artists. And at their Montreal development center, more than 1,200 people use Helix Core to store source code and large digital assets.

Ubisoft also has almost 1,000 users on distributed teams. They use the Helix Core Proxy Server (P4P) to turbocharge access to assets wherever they need them. When changes are made, they are visibly implemented across all of Ubisoft’s projects.


Streamline the Build Process – Even With Binary Files

Crytek is known for pushing the limits of gameplay and technology. And maintaining the quality and quantity of their code is crucial to that. Part of how they accomplish that? Streamlining their build pipeline.

They use Helix Swarm – a collaborative code review tool – to ensure code is reviewed as soon as it’s ready. Even large binaries play by the same rules.

Uniting New Reality Co. Teams

Sundance 2017 was only months away when New Reality Co. started building Tree –  their immersive VR experience. To transport viewers into the rainforest, they assembled a diverse team of designers and developers. Using Helix Core, teams could see who was making edits – no matter the file format – allowing them to make their premiere deadline.

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