You love Git. So do we.

There’s a lot of reasons to love Git. (Git is awesome at what it does.) Let’s look at the 3 major use cases for Git in the enterprise:

  1. You work with third party or outsourced development teams.
  2. You use open source in your products.
  3. You have different workflow needs for different teams.

Making the best of Git can be difficult in an enterprise environment. Trying to manage all the moving parts is like herding cats.

So, how do you optimize your teams’ use of Git — and make it all fit into your vision of the enterprise SDLC?

Join version control experts — Brad Hart, CTO, and Chuck Gehman, Technical Marketing Engineer — to find out.

You’ll learn about:

  • The challenges that accompany each use case — third parties, open source code, different workflows.
  • Ways to solve these problems.
  • How to make Git better, faster, and easier — with Perforce.

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