Game dev companies wanting to build faster, work smarter, and create complex gaming experiences are looking to move development workloads to the AWS cloud. Combining AWS Game Tech & Perforce delivers the unique features and the high performance necessary to make this a reality.

AWS Game Tech offers near infinite compute, storage, and network resources for every shape and size of studio — whether you are a startup or a publisher with multiple facilities. Helix Core — version control by Perforce — is the game development standard used by 19 of the top AAA 20 game dev studios.

So how can you optimize the cloud to maximize these benefits?

Join Chuck Gehman from Perforce and Kevin Ashman, Senior Partner Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services to learn how to:

  • Make major decisions on CPU, networking, and storage.
  • Recognize the financial levers you can move to succeed in the cloud.
  • Deploy Helix Core in the cloud (plus AWS tools that make it work better).
  • Lay the groundwork for scalability and elasticity with Helix Core on AWS.

Get our best practices from the real-world experiences of game developers!

Get Started On AWS

Ready to deploy Perforce Helix Core version control on AWS?

Get started today with the Enhanced Studio Pack on AWS. It contains all the tools you need to do world-class enterprise cloud development in a single, pre-configured environment.

In a few clicks, you can deploy everything you need with the infrastructure required to support large projects, big files, and all your team members. No expertise required.