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February 13, 2024

Perforce Acquires Delphix

Data Management

We are delighted to announce our acquisition of Delphix, a best-in-class leader in Enterprise Data Management solutions. I want to share with you why I am personally excited about this major milestone in our company’s continued DevOps evolution and the benefits this acquisition provides to our customers.

Data is at the heart of how enterprises operate today and essential for successful software development, but accessing and managing that data is extremely challenging. Many teams do not have rapid access to solid, high-quality test data. Imagine something the size of a relational database, with all the data to collect and piece together to make it testable — this is both labor-intensive and very difficult to achieve.

All that changes with Delphix. This truly outstanding platform provides on-demand, easy access to data very quickly and in a safe way. Delphix protects and masks customer data giving teams the right data, securely and quickly, so they can focus on creating great software.

More Stand-Out Advantages

Another unique ability of the Delphix platform is how it virtualizes data and ultimately reduces storage footprints, which is good news for sustainability and operational costs. Furthermore, it works across a wide variety of our customers’ environments, from mainframes to Oracle databases, ERP applications, multi-cloud, and containerized environments.

The acquisition of Delphix is a reflection of what our customers tell us they need and how we respond. I cannot think of another solution better aligned with what we are trying to achieve: helping our customers innovate at speed and automate their developer environments. We aim to solve DevOps’ biggest challenges without stifling innovation, and Delphix is an excellent example of how we can do that.

Moreover, our two organizations are extremely complementary — from our technology, teams, and shared dedication to delivering exceptional customer support. Like us, Delphix has a global presence, and we serve many of the same esteemed customers, including some of the world's largest and most successful organizations.

Immediate Customer Benefits

Our customers can immediately reap the benefits of this acquisition. They gain access to enhanced capabilities within our already robust testing portfolio, complemented by Delphix's expertise and the addition of skilled teams worldwide. This is just the beginning. We are committed to exploring how Delphix can further augment our comprehensive portfolio, aiming to become the preferred partner for all enterprise DevOps needs. Delphix represents a critical step forward, among many more to come. Stay tuned for what comes next.

If you want to learn more about Delphix, please head over to their website