Hansoft Jira Server Integration Download

You now have two options if you want to integrate Hansoft with Jira for true project management capabilities.

With the new Hansoft Jira Cloud Integration, you can create a hybrid of on-prem Agile planning with Jira Cloud issue management. Download it here >>

The existing Hansoft Jira Server Integration will continue to be supported. However, when Atlassian closes down the Marketplace for Jira Server in 2023, this integration will also be deprecated as it is no longer possible to provide. Download below.

Both products integrate with Jira’s Data Center product, and run on Windows. They are included when you purchase a Hansoft license or the Perforce Indie Studio Pack. 

Please note that you must have the SDK Module enabled on your license to use the integrations below. The Hansoft SDK module is not available in the free version.

Windows only. Version 11.1004 Requires Hansoft server 11.1050 or later and JIRA Server version 6.4 or later. 

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    Before you can get started with this product, you will need to have the following software installed.

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