Perforce to Demonstrate Latest Continuous Integration Plugin at Jenkins World

Santa Clara, CA, Sept 13, 2016 — Perforce Software, a leader in version control and source code management, today announced it will be delivering a sneak peek into its latest integration with Jenkins, an industry-standard continuous integration tool. The new capabilities will be demonstrated at the Jenkins World Conference on Wednesday, September 14, in Santa Clara, CA.

Perforce Helix has long integrated with the popular, open-source tool, Jenkins, but now adds support for its new pipeline features. Jenkins users may leverage Helix as their "single source of truth", storing all the files necessary to define a complete, DevOps pipeline for continuous integration, test, and delivery, including the new easily scripted pipeline definitions. This makes it possible to track the progress of content development across the build, test, and other stages more easily and visually than ever before, with all content stored reliably and securely in Helix.

"Perforce Helix has long supported the critical need to version everything that is part of a product build, but in today's DevOps era that's not enough," said Janet Dryer, Perforce CEO. "Version control systems today must go beyond that and help unify an increasingly complicated chain of application lifecycle management tools. Perforce Helix offers a broad range of integrations with industry-standard tools and exposes a variety of APIs to roll your own if needed."

The Perforce Birds of a Feather session, titled "Perfecting Your Development Tools: Updates to the Helix Plugin for Jenkins", will be delivered by Paul Allen, Senior Integration Engineer for Perforce. The session will look at the latest support for Jenkins pipeline features and will demonstrate different capabilities such as:

  • How to map your branches and streams into a Jenkins project
  • How to publish assets back into Helix
  • How to query and run commands from within Jenkins directly against Helix

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