Perforce Launches New Enterprise-Level Code Hosting and Collaboration for Teams Including Unique Multi-Repository Management

Perforce introduces Helix TeamHub which hosts multiple repository types including Git, SVN and Mercurial as well as build artifact repos such as Maven and Ivy – and also integrates with traditional Perforce for accelerated CI/CD

San Jose, CA - September 12, 2017Perforce Software, a provider of solutions to enterprise teams requiring productivity, visibility and scale along the development lifecycle, announced its new solution for team productivity and collaboration – Helix TeamHub. This solution represents a new approach to providing the flexibility that development teams demand today while providing IT and DevOps teams the scale and speed required for continuous integration efficiency.

Any team can get started with Helix TeamHub today.  Log on to and start projects in the cloud for free right now.

“Many larger development organizations today are struggling to gain control over key assets and intellectual property as different teams use various tools to suit their needs,” said Janet Dryer, CEO of Perforce. “Helix TeamHub offers unique capabilities so that IT can satisfy developer tool preference while at the same time maintain order and predictability of product development and delivery.”

Helix TeamHub empowers small teams and large enterprise development organizations to collaborate, accelerating delivery on projects that span multiple repos and repository types.  As teams expand over time, via growth and/or acquisition, a variety of developer tools are often introduced into the environment. Through a single, elegant web UI, teams can host and manage code from multiple systems, including Git, Subversion and Mercurial.  In addition, build artifact repositories from Maven and Ivy can also be managed via the Helix TeamHub interface. And when integrated with the Perforce tools for accelerated continuous integration and delivery, enterprises now have a truly scalable build solution for the full product team – developers and IT; software, hardware and visual content; development and operations (DevOps).

Perforce experts will be demonstrating Helix TeamHub this week at the Atlassian Summit in San Jose, CA.


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Enterprises across the globe rely on Perforce to build and deliver digital products faster and with higher quality. Perforce offers complete developer collaboration and agile project management tools to accelerate delivery cycles – from agile planning tools to requirements, issues and test management, which then link to all source code, binary assets and artifacts for full build and release tracking and visibility. The company’s version control solutions are well known for securely managing change across all digital content – source code, art files, video files, images, libraries - while supporting the developer and build tools your teams need to be productive, such as Git, Visual Studio, Jenkins, Adobe, Maya and many others. Perforce is trusted by the world’s most innovative brands, including NVIDIA, Pixar, Scania, Ubisoft, and VMware. The company has offices in Minneapolis, MN, Alameda, CA, Mason, OH, the United Kingdom, Finland, Germany, and Australia, and sales partners around the globe. For more information, please visit




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