Perforce Vice President Kathy Baldanza Recognized for Leadership in Engineering

Key Points:

  • Elite engineering fellowship names Perforce Vice President of Engineering as one of today's top female technology leaders
  • Baldanza drives innovation at Perforce that companies like Pixar, Netflix, Salesforce and SAP rely on to stay competitive

ALAMEDA, Calif. (Nov. 14, 2013) – Perforce Software today announced that Hackbright Academy recognized the company's Vice President of Engineering, Kathy Baldanza, as one of 21 women in technology to watch. The Academy, which teaches accelerated software development programs designed to help women become skilled programmers, recognized Baldanza for her achievements spanning a 20-year career.

"Kathy is integral to Perforce and we're delighted to have someone of her caliber continue to drive the strategy behind our world-class version management solutions," said Christopher Seiwald, founder and CEO of Perforce. "We are in full support of her passion to empower women in technology and take pride in fostering an inclusive environment at our company."

Hackbright Academy runs a quarterly, 10-week-long engineering fellowship teaching the fundamentals of computer science, modern web development, accelerated software development and programming.

"We compiled the list of rising technical woman leaders because it shows that women who succeed at tech companies do exist," said Angie Chang, director of growth at Hackbright Academy. The graduating software engineers from Hackbright Academy, and other technical women, will look at the companies that employee these women as places where they know they can get promoted and recognized for their achievements, versus the company that does not promote technical women.

"We enjoy watching technical women in leadership positions rise and would like to know them earlier. By recognizing the growing stable of successful technical woman executives and emerging leaders, we are widening the pipeline for women to become the next big CTO. There needs to be more women visible at the tops of the engineering ladder."

Baldanza has over 20 years of technical management experience at companies such as Perforce, Charles Schwab, Cohera, Informix and Illustra. She is part of a Girls Inc. non-profit task force that empowers young women through education in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

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