The Hansoft A3 9.1071 server is compatible with shares from 9.1055 servers, but not earlier versions.

GUI Changes

Updated icons for Hansoft A3

Fixed Issues

# 35805Server crash when fixing an invalid tree hierarchy during database loadSeverity A
# 6176Client crash when searching for project when user is not member of any projectSeverity B
# 6214SDK: HPMResultsetTool does not paint forecast dashed line or green date lineSeverity B
# 6190Impossible to input IME characters in the file search box on WindowsSeverity C
# 6192The Find field in user admin tab cannot be used when the resolution is lowSeverity C
# 6219Sorting names on users do not propagate to sharesSeverity C
# 6220Date fields show the wrong value when clicked into for editing while running the client in a UTC-x time zoneSeverity C