The Hansoft A3 9.1088 server is compatible with shares from 9.1055 servers, but not earlier versions.


A new version of the SDK is available: Hansoft SDK for all platforms

Fixed Issues

# 6216Negative values are ignored in stacked bar charts in dashboardSeverity B
# 6235Users with tasks assigned, do not count towards “Sprint capacity” in dashboard chartsSeverity B
# 6243Chart config changes in larger Dashboard queues takes a long time to processSeverity B
# 6559IPv6 or IPv4 socket leak on Linux when either IP version is disabledSeverity B
# 5540Changing the name of a user does not update realtime in “project members” and “Shared report” views.Severity C
# 6177SDK: virtual sessions are not garbage collected in .NET codeSeverity C
# 6178SDK: ProjectWorkflowSettings is not freed in .NET codeSeverity C
# 6186SDK: HPMDataHistoryEntry is not disposable in managed SDKSeverity C
# 6206SDK: Memory not returned when calling SessionDestroy in C#Severity C
# 6145Workflow popup warning does not fit in the dialog on OS X 10.11Severity D