The Hansoft A3 9.1096 server is compatible with shares from 9.1055 servers, but not earlier versions.


A new version of the SDK is available: Hansoft SDK for all platforms

Fixed Issues

# 6610SDK: Presets created with ProjectCreateViewPreset do not display all columnsSeverity A
# 6598Client crash when configuring lanes in board viewSeverity B
# 6599Client crash when assigning items to a new sprintSeverity B
# 5573Client crash when importing xml with broken format with unescaped “&”Severity B
# 6590Hotspot for a link to an iteration continues to the end of the screen, in the planning viewSeverity B
# 6593Moving a scheduled item from the planning view to a backlog with a report active deletes the itemSeverity B
# 6099Links in comments break after changing hostname in a database that was converted from 6.7Severity C
# 6223Items cannot be committed to a sprint if a report is active in the planning viewSeverity C