The Hansoft A3 9.1100 server is compatible with shares from 9.1055 servers, but not earlier versions.

Fixed Issues

# 6224Client crash when rendering unavailable columnSeverity B
# 6615Export submenu in Project History is replaced with “Manage user view presets …”Severity B
# 6623Hansoft JIRA plugin throws NullPointerException if a JIRA status in a workflow is nullSeverity B
# 6233Negative values are set to 0 when using Historical data in dashboard chartsSeverity C
# 6576When undeleting a shared user on a guest server Hansoft warns that a license will be used although none should beSeverity C
# 6579“Show from this date” has no effect in dashboard history settings for “historical data”Severity C
# 6621Error in JIRA integration log when Edit user dialog is opened in admin viewSeverity C