The Hansoft A3 9.2012 server is not compatible with shares from any earlier versions.


A new version of the SDK is available: Hansoft SDK for all platforms

The Hansoft A3 9.2012 server comes with a new version of the JIRA integration.

The Hansoft A3 9.2012 server comes with a new version of the Perforce integration.

New features

Function columns – you can now define a column as a function of other columns

Project overview – A project overview page where users can see who is the main manager for a project, and information about the project can be published.

You can now select read-only values to allow copy/paste of columns which you cannot edit

Dashboard charts now have an option to show the time lapsed since the last update

You can now assign tasks to others from the item details window in the Todo list.

The “sub project path” setting is now a user option rather than a project option. User can set this in user view presets. When the context of an item is not showing, this will show where the item belongs

Fixed Issues

6161SDK supports set but not get for timesheet lockSeverity B
6183SDK: Project id is not included in TaskDelete notificationSeverity A
6249JIRA links in ToDo list are not workingSeverity B
6584Conflicting values for sprint allocation for some users/sprintsSeverity B
6169SDK: There are no conversions from EPMC_Gantt_ProjectAgileBaseTemplate_Custom(2-5) to EHPMProjectAgileTemplateSeverity C
5430SDK: There are still references to the deprecated cyan colorSeverity D
5687No clear visual indication whether text formatting buttons are pressed or notSeverity D
6157SDK: Some util functions are not typed as returning boolSeverity D