The Hansoft A3 9.2015 server is compatible with shares from versions 9.2012 and higher.


The Hansoft A3 9.2015 server comes with a new version of the Perforce integration.

New features


Improved Hansoft-Perforce integration:

  • Finer granularity: The integration now operates on individual columns instead of items/jobs.
  • Set Perforce as master. If the same column has changed in both Perforce and Hansoft, such as if the integration was turned off for some time, the value from Hansoft will not overwrite the value from Perforce if this option is enabled.

There is now a warning if you attempt to paste a very large amount of data into Hansoft. This is meant to prevent performance problems caused by very large unintended edit operations.

Fixed Issues

# 6682JIRA Integration exposes exception from JIRA APIs, setSprints ConcurrentModificationExceptionSeverity B
# 6636When selecting visible columns in reports in QA ‘Description’ is available for selection but does not workSeverity C
# 6649Custom columns only available in QA do not show up in the grouping option in portfolio findSeverity C
# 6575Dialog for renaming columns should clarify that changes will be applied to settings, not values, when two columns are mergedSeverity D
# 6697Improved editing capabilities for hyperlinks in the tree viewSeverity D
 Many small UI tweaks/fixes/cleanups