The Hansoft A3 9.2034 server is compatible with shares from versions 9.2029 and higher.

New Features

The “Tag to Multiple Releases” dialog has an option to only show those items that are currently selected.

The dropdowns to select columns in most editors, now list active columns in alphabetical order instead of the display order.

Fixed Issues

# 6790Server crash calculating dashboard chart with historical data for a column that is no longer a valid dimensionSeverity A
# 6798Server crash when using a very long name for a project history snapshotSeverity A
# 6742Pipeline progression considers “To be deleted” an incomplete state. So items marked “To be deleted” block progressSeverity B
# 6807Release dimension filters in dashboard charts, should show project namesSeverity B
# 6014PIpeline, kanban & workflow column is missing from the detailed access and restriction rules optionsSeverity C
# 6744“Save as” for an attachment deletes the file extension, if Windows is configured to hide extensions and you specify a new filename.Severity C
# 6739A scheduled task has no box in the left-hand side of the schedule, when created through a commit from backlogSeverity D

Download the latest version of Hansoft here.