The Hansoft A3 9.2035 server is compatible with shares from versions 9.2029 and higher.

New Features

In the “Tag to multiple releases” dialog, you can now search for releases using richer expressions such as “A OR B” or “Finish>2017-05”.

A dashboard chart with releases, can now list releases in alphabetical order.

Inherited release tags now show in a lighter color.

Fixed Issues

# 6748If you define a new function column the function definition is not saved at first. You have to edit the column again to add the function definitionSeverity B
# 6813After you toggle “show completed” in the planning view, the selected item is sometimes pushed outside the viewSeverity C
# 6128Total number of items updates very slowly after a search if there are many itemsSeverity C
# 6772Trying to change “Assigned to” in the planning view as a non Main Manager gives faulty error popupSeverity C
# 6814A regular user can reassign a task schedule item from the To Do list but not from the Planning ViewSeverity C
# 6797Pipeline status e-mails are not sent when preceding items are completedSeverity C
# 6808The Dashboards Charts overview information in the Admin view can now be copied to clipboardSeverity C
# 6822Unable to “apply” a preset to other users from QA or backlogSeverity C

Download the latest version of Hansoft here.