Fixed issues


Client crash after a Wifi outage

Severity B


When changing pipeline or workflow in item details in a popped out window or in boards, the item selected in Gantt is updated instead

Severity B


When editing a text field, items cannot be added in the middle of a numbered or bullet list if the last item is empty

Severity C


Summaries are put in the wrong columns when exporting a report result as spreadsheet or tab separated text

Severity D


Total Number of Issues does not change when Show Completed Item is set to Hide

Severity D


Minimized item details may occur in the wrong place/take up screen space, when there are multiple boards

Severity D


If you move a card out of a board and hit undo, it is placed in the default column rather than the one it was in.

Severity D


The word "Kanbans" occurs untranslated in a couple of places in the Pipelines and Workflows dialog

Severity D


The Hansoft 10.0009 release comes with a new demo database in the trial package

The Hansoft 10.0009 release comes with a new version of the Hansoft SDK.


The Hansoft 10.0009 server is compatible with shares from versions 10.0006 and higher.