New feature: Option to disable status change logging in the comments feed. As a user you can now hide status change history from the reports feed in item details, from My Personal  Options/General/Show Status Updates in Comments.

New default behaviors:

  • Reports are now always created in Advanced mode, This shows more options and filters, which you can disable from the Advanced/Advanced Mode submenu in the report editor.
  • New reports now allow users to search in reports results. You can disable this for a report from the Report Options submenu of the report editor.
  • New workflows now have the option “Hide status” set by default. If you want to show the mapping to built-in status in status columns,, you can disable this option for the workflow.

Fixed bugs:


OS X: Some dialogs do not support the "2-Set Korean" or "3-set Korean" input methods

Severity B


Client crash when selecting user groups in portfolio allocations after deleting all user groups

Severity B


Regular users can't find QA accounts in chat

Severity C


After changing month in the date picker, the calendar view does not refresh until the mouse cursor is moved

Severity C


When editing a report, the report becomes active but does not show as active on the toolbar

Severity D


OS X: If you type in a new path during server install, the installer UI does show the options for a new install

Severity D


The Hansoft 10.0010 server is compatible with shares from versions 10.0006 and higher.