New features:

  • Status triggers on columns in boards:
    • Columns in boards can be mapped to any built-in status (Not done, In progress, etc).
    • This is configured per column by choosing “Map to status” in the column header right-click menu.
    • Mapping a column to a status does not affect cards already in the column, only cards moved to that column after the mapping is set.
    • Changing status on a card does not automatically move it to another column.
    • When creating a new board, it has a default mapping on the example columns (Not done -> Not done, Doing -> In progress, Done -> Completed).
  • Unified the behaviour of the go to item options in the To do list: The drop down menu at the top and the right-click menu now show the same options. The keyboard shortcut (Ctrl/Cmd+G) always goes to the planning view unless the item is an uncommitted bug, in which case the shortcut goes to the QA view. If the item is committed to the planning view from either Backlog or QA, both views are available as options.
  • Access boards from the To do list: If the assigned item exists on a board, the right-click menu and drop down have the option to go to the item in the board view.

Fixed bugs:


Hansoft client crash on OS X due to a memory allocation problem with the plug-ins

Severity B


Ctrl+G and Right click Menu Item "Go to project view Ctrl+G" exhibit different behavior in the To do list

Severity C


The "New bug" icon on the toolbar still has the old color scheme

Severity D


The Hansoft 10.0016 server is compatible with shares from versions 10.0016 and higher.


A new version of the SDK is also released with support for the new status trigger functionality in boards.