New features

Timeline PDF Export: The timeline can now be exported as a high-resolution PDF under More > Exports & Imports. The shortcut for exporting is Ctrl+P/Cmd+P (same as the old print shortcut). The PDF will contain all items currently visible in the timeline, so reports, find queries, the “Show” options, and collapsing headers can all be used to control which items are included in the export. Note: This replaces our deprecated Print function in the planning view.

Paste a link to find an item: Paste a Hansoft link into the Find text box and press Enter to find it quickly.

Rename the “Archive” function to “Hide”, to better represent what the function does. It still allows you to hide sub projects, sprints or releases from the list in the backlog and planning view.

Fixed bugs


Client crash in the report editor when editing a condition that refers to a custom field that has changed type from date to text

Severity B


Sprint allocation bars in the schedule handles parent item with values inconsistently, giving a too high allocation value

Severity B


The decimal part of a user's allocation shows as over allocated time when the full allocation is not an even number of hours

Severity C


Sprint selection lists in dashboards only include sprints that the user is member of if the user is not main manager in the project

Severity C


It is possible to set a parent as predecessor, creating a circular dependency and moving items in the schedule

Severity C


SDK: Function ProjectGetDefaultActivatedNonHidableColumns returns too many columns

Severity C


Not all custom columns are available as mandatory fields in workflows

Severity C


User groups are hidden in the user list for locked users

Severity D


Total number of items in the bottom bar does not update with Show/Completed or Show/Archived in the planning view

Severity D


Totals in the bottom bar are incorrect when having both Hide and Find active

Severity D


XML import in the schedule does not immediately set the correct type for committed bugs

Severity C


The color names are not translated in the boards context menu

Severity D


The Hansoft 10.0024 server is compatible with shares from versions 10.0016 and higher.


A new version of the JIRA integration is also released, where the set of columns synchronized to Hansoft can be configured.