New features

Show links between cards: Links between cards can now be visualized in boards by enabling “Links” in the Show menu.

Create and remove links on cards: Links can now be created directly on the board via either the right-click menu or the shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+B/Cmd+Shift+B). Links can also be removed from a card via the right-click menu.

Improved default workflow: By default, the “workflow completed” status is now mapped to the built-in Completed status.

Logging: We now log when the server starts and ends taking a database offline

Fixed bugs


Database inconsistency when importing Backlog item via XML with work remaining > 0 that has status Completed

Severity B


The "Add/Remove users" dialog for projects, removes all soft deleted users from project, affecting assignments

Severity B


Client crash when importing to QA from ALM XML

Severity B


Item details in boards, cannot trigger message popups

Severity C


The clickable area when dragging sub projects only covers the first day

Severity C


Error message "Workflow X does not have a status named Y" in reports

Severity C


Scheduled items with the default colour do not get scheduled item icons

Severity D


Item details in the board view is not updated immediately when changing values from another client

Severity D


The Hansoft 10.0027 server is compatible with shares from versions 10.0016 and higher.


A new version of the JIRA integration is also released:

  • Hansoft sprints is no longer mapped to JIRA versions
  • All JIRA versions created from Hansoft sprints will be deleted in JIRA when upgrading to this version of the JIRA integration
  • Hansoft sprints can now be synched to JIRA sprints (optional)