New features

"Jump to Today" in timeline. You can now right-click the background of the Hansoft timeline and select "Jump to today". The timeline view will center on today's date.

The Hansoft Perforce integration dialogs now use the name "Helix Core" instead of Perforce.

Fixed bugs:


Undo does not work for changed indentation

Severity B


Client crash when entering multiple values, or lead times, in the Predecessor or Successor columns

Severity B


Users without delegated rights can click on a sub-project in timeline to move it to today's date

Severity B


Users belonging to a deleted user group are displayed in another group in the Portfolio allocations group view

Severity C


The timesheet report has invisible rows, changing depending on which options have been checked

Severity C


After you scroll sideways, individual and portfolio allocation bars are shown for the wrong days

Severity C


Links between committed Backlog and/or QA items are not shown in the board

Severity C


Users without delegated rights can add dependencies to tasks assigned to the user 

Severity C


A changed "Show image" setting is not applied when switching boards

Severity D


If you select the last card in a column that only shows part of that card, the green link box is misaligned.

Severity D


If you select the last card in a column that only shows part of that card, the first card in the column can overlap the column header

Severity D


The Hansoft 10.0030 server is compatible with shares from versions 10.0016 and higher.