New features

  • Update board column and board lane from the planning view. The column "Board column" can be edited to move a card in a board from the planning view.
  • Copy and paste text and locally stored images to comments. It is now possible to copy a combination of images and text to comments. Locally stored images will show as images, while remote images will show as clickable http links. 
  • Configure file types not allowed to be uploaded in Hansoft. An optional blacklist of file suffixes that are not allowed for upload in Hansoft, neither in Documents nor in items as attachments. This option is configured in Admin->Document Policy in the Hansoft client.

Fixed bugs


Server crash when editing the Administrator user in a new database

Severity A


Custom "Number" columns save non-integer and non-numeric data entered in the client

Severity B


Custom "Number with decimals" columns save non-numeric data entered in the client

Severity B


Client crash when editing a newly pasted item in backlog

Severity B


When editing the description field immediately after creating a new item, non-alphanumeric characters are not registered when typing

Severity C


Auto assign does not work when changing a drop list column from the To do list

Severity C


Deb installer does not work on Ubuntu 18.04 due to obsolete "gksu" dependency

Severity C


Header texts in the "Edit image" dialog are illegible when using the dark theme

Severity D


A delegated user can create a board through the right-click menu but does not see the "+" button

Severity D


The Hansoft 10.0036 release comes with new versions of the Hansoft JIRA integration and the SDK.


The Hansoft 10.0036 server is compatible with shares from versions 10.0016 and higher.