New features

Find is now available in sprint boards. Use the find bar to filter out visible cards on a board. It works similar to Find in the list view.

New "Show" settings in sprint boards: Show sub projects, Show completed items, Show assigned to me only. Note that when using Find, it will override these settings.

Zoom in sprint boards. Zoom in to increase readability, or zoom out to get a better overview.

Inherit columns when creating a new lane on a sprint board. When creating a new lane, there is now an option to inherit the columns and settings from another lane, in addition to creating an empty lane.

Increase the width of the timeline when exporting to PDF. This is done to avoid longer names being cut off in the PDF.

Fixed bugs


Portfolio allocations show additional days for sprints when the working days include half hours

Severity B


The "Add/Remove users" dialog for projects, removes all locked users from a project, affecting assignments

Severity B


The "Export timeline to PDF" menu option is not available for non-main managers

Severity D


Zoom shortcuts in the planning view and boards are not available when focus is in item details

Severity D


The Hansoft 10.1010 server is compatible with shares from versions 10.1008 and higher.


The Hansoft 10.1010 release comes with a new version of the Jira integration.