New Features
User groups in projects now update dynamically. As you add or remove users from the groups, the project membership will be updated dynamically. Read more here.
New Groups pane in the Admin tab. It is now easier to create and manage user groups. Read more here.
“Copy as URL” in the context menu for an item. The Hansoft web service now allows you to share an item with your team in a web browser. Copy this URL and paste into a web browser, to view the item there. This is only available if your administrator has defined a Base URL for the web service in the Hansoft Admin tab. Read more here.
- “Copy as hyperlink” has been renamed to “Copy as Hansoft link” in the context menu for items
- Aligned the client experience across platforms: removed icons from context menus in the Windows client.

Bug Fixes

7593Some fields of scheduled tasks are editable in project history for assigned usersSeverity B
7734Bulk group operations on users may occur out of order Severity B5319 Chart values are duplicated when both names and groups are selected in the “Assigned to” dimensionSeverity C
6241Portfolio Allocations sorts groups on name instead of sorting nameSeverity C
7143Sorting name of projects is not saved if entered in the “New project” or “Clone” dialogsSeverity C
7600Add/remove user to group/project in the right-click menu is available also for soft deleted usersSeverity C
4564Cannot create a task when a sprint is selected in Gantt Schedule modeSeverity D
6605In the “Linked to Item” column, sprints and releases have no status showingSeverity D
6812“Locked for use” users may still show as main managers in project overviewSeverity D
6826Non-ASCII characters may show as “?..” in document historySeverity D
7094The Document Policy dialog does not accept the value 10 for a size limitSeverity D
7206Translation does not work for the strings “Clone”, “Find” and “Chat Policy” in the client admin tabSeverity D
7599Buttons under “Project” in the Admin tab are enabled when no project is selectedSeverity D
7637“Assigned to” popup dialogs do not follow sorting order for user groupsSeverity D
7644The context menu for users in the Admin tab does not follow sorting order for projectsSeverity D


Hansoft 10.1022 comes with a new version of the Hansoft SDK.

The Hansoft 10.1022 server is compatible with shares from versions 10.1008 and higher.