New features

  • General: The default Japanese font (if available) is now Yu Gothic. This is to make Japanese text easier to read.
  • Dashboards: The name of the measure will change to show the filter name when applied.
  • Dashboards: Improved default settings for forecasting based on historical data.
  • Dashboards: Remove ability to delete a report from the filter selection. This is to prevent accidental deletions.
  • Administration: All “delete” buttons in the ADMIN tab have been moved into the More menu.
  • Planning: There will no longer be warnings when you attempt to enable the “Points” or “Estimated Days” columns in planning.

Fixed bugs

6182Applying a pipeline to an item, leaves all inherited values emptySeverity C
7754Delete + Undo, sets ‘Reported by’ to the user who did the undoSeverity C
6022Second level group headers in portfolio reports cannot be collapsedSeverity C
7735Users that are not main managers can commit bugs through the right-click menuSeverity C
7852Points on schedule items in a flat hierarchy are not included in the summarySeverity C
7854Cannot activate a column when there is is a column with the same name already activatedSeverity C
7858Find droplist items are chosen when the user just opens the droplists to browse themSeverity C
7878Plans with only Scheduled Tasks are collapsed at login even though they were expanded when logging outSeverity C
7494Font size in text label for “Hidden” or “Delegated” are too big when partially hiddenSeverity D

Hansoft 10.1038 comes with a new version of the Hansoft SDK.

The Hansoft 10.1039 server is compatible with shares from versions 10.1035 and higher.