New Features

Find: "Save" button for find queries, to save the query as a report.
Find: Find syntax help button next to the find window.
Server Admin: Warning message in the database list, when a database has no backups configured.
Server Admin: Reminder that enabling e-mail logging for all log levels will generate a lot of e-mails.
Dashboards: Copy the web URL of a dashboard to easily share the dashboard to Hansoft web service users.
Planning: Create sub projects from the toolbar and from context menus.
UI: The “zoom” menu options have been moved to the “Show” menu.

Bug fixes

46054Client crash after a scaling change on Windows while logged outSeverity B
45287Client crash when resizing the comments widget with 4K screen resolutionSeverity B
7903The timestamp for a renamed document in file history showed the time of the previous actionSeverity B
7149A report with a PipelineOrWorkflow criterion cannot be converted from textSeverity C
46423Board Column and Lane does not update properly in the web clientSeverity C
7829When grouping on status in Portfolio Find, some groups may show twiceSeverity C
7818Status is blank after adding a pipeline step in Schedule modeSeverity C
45610Coding errors for multibyte characters in import from Helix ALMSeverity C
46086The scrollwheel cannot scroll a board column after you hit a ctrl/cmd shortcutSeverity D
7891“Undo” doesn’t work in item details after certain edits, unless you change focusSeverity D 


The Hansoft 10.2019 server is compatible with shares from versions 10.2011 and higher.

The Hansoft 10.2019 server comes with a new version of the Hansoft SDK.