New Features

  • Personal options to watch items automatically. By default, users assigned to an item users are now added as watchers. It is also possible to configure Hansoft to automatically add you as a watcher when you comment on an item or create a new item.
  • Undo now also applies to changes in the User story field.

Fixed Bugs

7207Client crash when importing an MS Project XMLSeverity B
8154Read-only values are ignored when copying or cutting and pasting an itemSeverity B
6909Activating or de-activating column in Planning/QA/Backlog also affects the other viewsSeverity C
7489If you import the same XML twice, "Last updated on" and "Last updated by" are updated even though there are no changesSeverity C
7556A malformed report query is generated when choosing both a sprint and "No sprint" in the "Committed to" report criterionSeverity C
8159Change history sort order only toggles onceSeverity C
8165"⌘+Click to follow link" string is garbled in the OS X clientSeverity D


The Hansoft 10.2029 server is compatible with shares from versions 10.2011 and higher.

The Hansoft 10.2029 server comes with a new version of the Hansoft SDK.