New Features

  • Sprint assignment: The "assign to original reporter/creator" option in a workflow works even if the reporter is not a member of the sprint.
  • Sprint allocation: Added a sprint allocation bar for unassigned items and non-members, showing how much work is remaining but not assigned to any sprint member. Note: This change does not affect the sprint allocation measure in dashboards.

Fixed Bugs

48621No releases show when filtering a dashboard chart with a report using the Release Overdue criterionSeverity B
5411Pipeline task is not connected if it is added after pipeline is set on an itemSeverity C
8121Add/edit hyperlinks in multi-line text fields is added at the end of field, or being converted to textSeverity C
6886Nothing happens when trying to view an old pipeline in a project history snapshotSeverity D


The Hansoft 10.2038 server is compatible with shares from versions 10.2011 and higher.