New features

  • Project groups: Main managers can now create, delete, edit and clone user groups in their project.
    • New "Manage Project Groups" dialog available to main managers in the More menu.>/li>
    • Unified group editing dialogs across the client.
    • Groups can no longer be edited in the New/Edit ghost user dialog.
    • Administrators can convert project groups to global groups in the "Edit Group" dialog in Admin.
    • Show "Auto-add members to project" multi-select when editing global groups.
    • Group ID, which identifies a group globally, is visible in the Groups tab in Admin and in the "Manage Project Groups" dialog.
    • Log all creation and deletion of user groups when the logging level "Other" is enabled.
  • Clear font and background colors when pasting text.


8324Pipeline library hides behind the main window after the confirmation dialog about saving pipelines is shown on OS XSeverity D
8332Context menu for side-by-side selectors stops working if you right-click the backgroundSeverity D

Compatibility & upgrade notes

  • Shares: From version 10.2059 and higher.
  • Also released: Version 10.210 of the Hansoft SDK.