New features

  • Watch notification e-mails contain links to both the native client and the web client, if the web service base URL is configured.
  • Tasks in pipelines show the sprint priority of the parent task


  • 8437 A: Server crash when a watch e-mail is sent for a deleted project
  • 8523 B: "Accept assignment to non sprint member" does not work when committing an item from backlog
  • 8551 B: Client crash when editing a droplist column that is partially off screen
  • 8401 C: Missing checkbox for "Set not assigned" in dashboard filters for users
  • 8488 C: Change History window sorts dates alphabetically rather than by date
  • 8524 C: Client hangs on exit after you add a user to a sprint by committing an item
  • 8528 C: Columns starting with "pow" do not work in function columns
  • 8543 C: Recently downloaded images flicker incessantly
  • 59073 C: Quick filters in boards show soft-deleted users

Compatibility & upgrade notes

  • Shares: From version 11.0014 and higher.
  • Also released: Version 11.0005 of the Hansoft LDAP Integration.