New features

  • Clicking "Not assigned to member in sprint" in sprint allocations, shows an overview of unassigned tasks.
  • There is a warning when deleting dashboard pages.
  • The "Board Column" and "Board Lane" dimensions in dashboards show the column or lane name before the sprint name.
  • The "Server address" field in the New Connection window, automatically cleans up whitespace.


  • 8565 B: Client crash when you click "More" for an assignment in To Do, before the project is loaded
  • 8475 B: Function column does not recalculate if it depends on another function column whose definition has changed.
  • 8518 C: Breaking down an unassigned scheduled task assigns the new task to yourself.
  • 8499 C: "Add user to sprint" has no effect during drag and drop, if the sprint has no members.
  • 8372 C: In report grouping, there were two different options both named "Status".
  • 8232 C: No permissions check when you "remove all links" for an item.
  • 7410 D: Deleting all links to an item, deletes links to items you cannot see.

Compatibility & upgrade notes

  • Shares: From version 11.0014 and higher.