New features

  • New NodeJS JavaScript SDK wrapper.
  • Unset a value in a custom droplist column by importing an empty value in a named column from XML or Excel.
  • Web links to items are included in mention notification emails.


  • B 8636: Popup menus show on the wrong screen (when using two screens) in the Windows client
  • B 8637: Client crash when expanding a droplist that is off screen
  • B 8658: Time spent value resets to zero on any update if language is Chinese
  • C 7590: Cut and pasting a hidden item removes the "Hidden" flag, but the item is still hidden
  • C 8522: When sorting manually while running a report with grouping, secondary sorting and beyond is ignored
  • C 59937: Custom columns do not get the XML/Excel import origin in change history

Compatibility & upgrade notes

  • Shares: From version 11.0014 and higher.
  • Also released: Version 11.004 of the Hansoft SDK.