New Features

  • Column permissions: A main manager can define custom columns as being hidden or read-only to certain users, or to let custom columns be always editable by certain users regardless of delegation and other permissions.
  • The "Earned Value" column is available in all projects with the setting "Fixed work".
  • To-Do will be opened when you log in, if you were viewing dashboards or Portfolio Find when logging out.

Notes about column permissions feature:

  • New "Column permissions" tab in "Customize Project" allows a main manager to specify permissions for custom columns from Backlog or Planning.
  • Hiding a column in one project will not hide it in another project
  • "Hidden" rules apply in Quality Assurance, but the other new column permission rules do not.
  • The existing Quality Assurance permission mechanism is unchanged.
  • Column permissions never apply to Main Managers.
  • Sharing a dashboard may reveal data in hidden columns (as long as the dashboard owner can see that data)
  • Function columns can reveal data from hidden columns
  • Web service versions 11.0 and older ignore column permissions set on a 11.1 server

Compatibility & upgrade notes

  • Also released: Version 11.1001 of the Hansoft API
  • Also released: Version 11.1003 of the Hansoft Web Service
  • Also released: Version 11.101 of the Hansoft SDK.
  • Shares: From version 11.1004 and higher.