New Features

  • Users can export their own timesheet reports from the Timesheet view in the To Do list.
  • The “Estimated Days” and “Points” columns aggregate in backlog based on values from broken down tasks in the Planning view.
  • When you set "Out of Office" status on a task, there is an option to keep the assignment on the task.
  • "Delta" icon shows for delta measures in dashboards, that is: measures that show the difference between a value and the previous value, rather than the value itself.
  • Simplified operator names in report editor


  • B 8875: QA permissions do not work for the Status column in To Do after the project is loaded
  • B 6643: QA permissions do not work in the planning view for bugs committed to sprints
  • B 8660: Change history may show an incorrect name for a workflow status
  • D 7733: Find history, and completion suggestions in Find, do not show while in the Board view.

Compatibility & upgrade notes

  • Shares: From version 11.1013 and higher.