The Hansoft 9.0003 server is compatible with shares from Hansoft 9 servers, but not earlier versions.

Fixed Issues

# 5630When referencing the same pipeline multiple times within another pipeline, schedule connections are incorrectly createdSeverity B
# 5631The database can become unresponsive while doing big pipeline updatesSeverity B
# 4845The total number of items summary is wrong after selecting a reportSeverity C
# 5546Epics are shown in priority mode if a “Flagged as epic” search is still activeSeverity C
# 5615The right-click menu shows the wrong second shortcut for linking to an itemSeverity C
# 5623“Create dashboard chart” menu option is not available if the item is not selected before right-clickingSeverity C
# 5625The sprint burndown menu button does not workSeverity C
# 31254Double clicking on a report does not open it for editingSeverity C
# 5565My reports is shown in Portfolio allocationsSeverity D
# 31286The Committed to sprint column is empty in Portfolio findSeverity D