The Hansoft 9.0022 server is compatible with shares from Hansoft 9.0017 servers and later, but not earlier versions.

New Features

Expand/collapse second level groups in report results.

Fixed Issues

# 5637When zooming in in the schedule, messages do not fit in the text boxSeverity C
# 5671The background is always white in a popped out item details window in the To do listSeverity C
# 5679The status of a linked release is not correctly shown in the “Linked to item” menuSeverity C
# 5683Nothing changes when applying a preset where all selected columns are removedSeverity C
# 31034The state of the report tree structure is not saved between loginsSeverity C
# 5724Text is too small in the newsfeed on Windows with high DPISeverity D
# 5726Graphical issues on Windows 10 with high DPISeverity D
# 5734Column headers and scrollbars are too small in the To do list on Windows with high DPISeverity D
# 5740Text is too small in Edit report and Edit Pipeline/workflow window on Windows in high DPISeverity D
# 5741Typo in the English translation of the Find conditions menuSeverity D