The Hansoft 9.0025 server is compatible with shares from Hansoft 9.0017 servers and later, but not earlier versions

Fixed Issues

# 5730Server installer hangs on Ubuntu Server when trying to interact with the userSeverity A
# 5743Server crash when shutting down the server during upgradeSeverity A
# 5711A release/sprint burndown measure becomes invalid if one of its selected releases/sprints is deletedSeverity B
# 5735Changing a report used to filter on a measure when using multiple measures in a chart makes it use the wrong values for historic data pointsSeverity B
# 5762Checkboxes can’t be selected in the “Select columns” dialog in the report editor on Windows with high DPISeverity B
# 5802Server does not reconnect to the license server if the DNS lookup fails at server startupSeverity B
# 5706The scroll arrow button visible when having multiple multi line text fields in item details can only scroll one step to the leftSeverity C
# 5708When users are unassigned because they are not members in the sprint that the item is committed to, the warning message only shows in the schedule, not in the backlogSeverity C
# 5742Changing a column and then logging in with another user from the same computer makes the column move to the far rightSeverity C
# 5651“Welcome to Hansoft 8” is shown in Hansoft 9 when running the client for the first timeSeverity D