The Hansoft 9.1005 server is not compatible with shares from earlier versions.

New Features

The 30 day limit when undeleting users is removed
Auto-show hidden items when following a link to the item
“Find tasks linked to this release” right-click option on releases available on items in the Planning view
“Show rank” option in Planning and Backlog to make the rank visible on items
Configurable tooltips on custom columns
Configurable default values and inheritance on columns
New and improved User view presets:

·       The “Manage user view presets” dialog is accessible for all users.

·       Presets are now local to each user and not global in the project.

·       Presets can be shared with other users.

·       Presets can be organized in a folder structure similar to reports.

·       Presets are available in the “Show” menu for easy access.

·       Presets can be exported to xml and imported.

·       Presets existing before the upgrade will be owned by “Administrator” and shared to all main managers in each project. If a project has no main manager, the preset can be recovered manually by temporarily adding “Administrator” to the project.

·       “Affecting users” is no longer in the preset settings. The affected users are instead chosen from a dialog when applying the preset.

Fixed Issues

# 5677Changing two or more columns at once can hide custom column data if the connection is lost before the operations are finishedSeverity B
# 5720Client crash in My Reports when creating folders and/or reportsSeverity B
# 5808Client crash when updating report view in QASeverity B
# 5812SDK: TaskEnumReferences does not return proxy referencesSeverity B
# 4585The “General – Archived” find criteria does not return parent itemsSeverity C
# 5393Not possible to find on Assign tag in the backlog if the item has a pipeline applied in the scheduleSeverity C
# 5479A running Hansoft client prevents Windows from shutting downSeverity C
# 5648Releases are included when using the “Tagged to release” criteria in FindSeverity C
# 5714“User name” is available in the report criteria menu but cannot be used for anythingSeverity C
# 5715Hansoft client steals focus when reconnecting if the backlog is openSeverity C
# 5742Changing a column and then logging in with another user from the same computer makes the column move to the far rightSeverity C
# 5752After opening a link to a backlog item from outside of Hansoft, focus is set to the main windowSeverity C
# 5788Impossible to deselect a selected report in a folder after switching viewsSeverity C
# 5719Sub project path shown in the schedule does not include sprints and sub projects outside of the sprintSeverity D
# 5727The “Detailed access and restriction rules” dialog in QA is untranslatedSeverity D
# 5757The “Hansoft Help Manual” links lead to the 8.0 manualSeverity D
# 5793The User view preset name text box does not size with the dialog window on OSXSeverity D