The Hansoft 9.1007 server is compatible with shares from 9.1 servers, but not earlier versions.

Fixed Issues

# 5798The value axes have the wrong values in burndown charts in the schedule.Severity B
# 5810Scrollbars are not working in Edit report and Edit pipeline/workflow window in Windows with high DPI.Severity B
# 4623Converting a text query to a report changes ‘!=’ to ‘=’ for droplist columns.Severity C
# 5718Scheduled items dragged into the backlog are still scheduled items.Severity C
# 5751‘Original value’ in a numerical column on breakdown is not shown if the value is 0.Severity C
# 5771When adding a group containing a QA user to a project, the QA user is not added.Severity C
# 5813Converting a text query with double negations to a report changes the query to an excluding criteria.Severity C
# 5814Not possible to assign a bug to a QA user in the Planning view even if the user is a member of the sprint.Severity C
# 5816Not possible to search for release tags in the Backlog history.Severity C