The Hansoft 9.1010 server is compatible with shares from 9.1 servers, but not earlier versions.

GUI Changes

Commit icons have been moved to the right of the item in order to fix bug #5675.

Fixed Issues

# 5416Server crash when shutting downSeverity A
# 4868Date is set incorrectly when manually setting Finish value on a Sprint in Gantt modeSeverity B
# 5594Client crash when duplicating a reportSeverity B
# 5682Client crash when logging outSeverity B
# 5710Client crash when clicking a Hansoft link in an email while the Hansoft client is openSeverity B
# 5796Client crash in the To do list when setting status completion on an itemSeverity B
# 5806SDK: Memory corruption when using DashboardSubscriptionGetLastResultSet on an item view chartSeverity B
# 5807Client crash when requesting calculation statistics for a chart that is deleted in the databaseSeverity B
# 5822When copying a burndown chart to clipboard, the numbers on the axes are not includedSeverity B
# 5838Unsharing a preset from a user that is online removes the preset from the preset list for all usersSeverity B
# 5842Client crash in the “Manage user view presets” dialogSeverity B
# 5844Client crash when importing a user view preset with certain Unicode characters in the preset nameSeverity B
# 5852Client hangs when editing a report with many items in the scheduleSeverity B
# 5431“Not assigned” rules in the workflow do not apply if the bug is commited to a sprintSeverity C
# 5728Ghost and QA users are not visible in the sprint user listSeverity C
# 5745There is an unclickable area between the menu bars in the board viewsSeverity C
# 5772Password rules are not enforced in the “Create new user”/”Edit user” dialogSeverity C
# 5835Dashboard allocation charts only counts whole daysSeverity C
# 5983Japanese and Chinese IME input stops working after opening a right-click menuSeverity C
# 5665Sorting of multiple release tags is not chronological in dashboard item viewsSeverity D
# 5675Sprint tasks with icons look like they are indentedSeverity D
# 5791The overflow arrow on the toolbar is hard to see in the dark themeSeverity D