The Hansoft 9.1013 server is compatible with shares from 9.1 servers, but not earlier versions.

New Features

Option to set the max and min values of the vertical axis in Dashboards.
Warning message when returning an item with a pipeline to the backlog or removing pipeline on an item.
Backspace now works in the same way in all editable fields.
“Clear date” button in the date picker.
Improved logging of server time changes.

Fixed Issues

# 6005The debug log is spammed with “Processing of … took excessive time” messages on systems with AVX2 processorsSeverity A
# 5823Committed bugs hidden from a user by a detailed access and restriction rule in QA can still be exported by that userSeverity B
# 5990Missing checks in dashboard calculations if chart is invalid or deleted in databaseSeverity B
# 6012If the server time changes to a date in the future, sprint burndowns stop updatingSeverity B
# 6013If the server time changes to a date in the future, scheduled backups stop workingSeverity B
# 6015Checkboxes are missing in “Show options” in the Edit preset dialogSeverity B
# 31215Dragging reports or user view presets to below the bottom of the list does not put the item at the bottomSeverity C